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Chrihanna Goes Shopping

Don’t believe the hype. Chrihanna is still in effect. They were spotted shopping it up around L.A. on Melrose yesterday as Chris carried around one of Rihanna’s pooches.

Chris Brown and Riahnna shopping

Chris Brown and Riahnna shopping


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Morgan Freeman & Wife Of 24 Years Divorcing!

Morgan Freeman and wife, Myrna Colly-Lee

Morgan Freeman and wife, Myrna Colly-Lee

Hot damn! The newest residents of Splitville Lane are bringing a whole lot of interesting happenings.  Sources are reporting that actor Morgan Freeman and his wife of 24 years Myrna Colly-Lee are in the midst of a divorce and, according to Morgan’s attorneys, they have been separated since December ‘07.  Wow.  Even more interesting, the pic above was actually taken just this past April at a Broadway opening.

This news comes only days after Morgan’s near death experience of a car crash in his home state of Mississippi not far from his home he owns with Myrna.  And if you’re were thinking it was suspicious (like me) that he was driving Miss Daisy’s his friend Demaris Meyer’s car with her in the passenger seat back to his home at the time of the accident…but you just didn’t think it was the time to say anything (like me again)…me thinks our suspicions have been confirmed.  At first sources said this Demaris was a friend of both Myrna and Morgan, but now sources are saying she really is just Morgan’s “friend”.  Interesting.

In good news, Morgan’s reps say he is doing much better since the accident and is now up and walking around.

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Alicia Keys & Swizz Beatz Caught Together In Paris?!

Alicia Keys and Swizz Beatz

Alicia Keys and Swizz Beatz

This Swizz Beatz/Mashonda/Alicia Keys triangle just got a whole lot juicier.  I dropped some of this info this morning in my gossip report on Big Boy’s Morning Show…now here’s the rest.  A source who works very closely with Alicia tells that AK is definitely not the good egg in this saga like we’re being led to believe.  In fact, I’m told Alicia and Swizzy were together during her concert performances in and around Paris just a few weeks ago!  According to the source, there was definitely no business need for Swizz to accompany Alicia on that leg of the trip, but the two definitely were taking in the sites together and totting around like lovers the entire time.

Oh, but there’s more.  This is all after Alicia allegedly called her whole team to a meeting a few times to tell them none of the rumors were true of her being a homewrecker in Swizz and Mashonda’s marriage.  Apparently it was just Alicia playing that smoke and mirrors game Hollywood is known so well for.  Not to mention Alicia still has not come out with an official statement saying any of the rumors of her being a homewrecker are untrue.

Lots more of this drama and statements from the source when you read the rest…

To make this situation even crazier, the source claims Swizz and Mashonda are lying about this “divorce” in order to save face for all people involved.  I hear they’re still living together and are nowhere near “separated” either.  Mashonda is completely devastated by this affair and has attempted to reach out to AK on several occasions to no avail.  I guess there was truth to what she hinted at in that Hip Hop Weekly article after all.  Here’s a snippet from my conversation I had with the source who works closely to Ms. Keys:

I was on tour with Keys for months up until her last run through France, Monaco and Italy 2 weeks ago.
The big problem I have with this situation is that Keys has made several efforts to hold private meetings with her staff, including me.  In these meetings she sits us down and gives us speeches about how none of the rumors are true and that we should all just do our work and keep the personal stuff separate. Meanwhile , I hear her screamig and arguing with Kerry (her producer/sometime boyfriend) about having Swizz at the shows. This was back in April.  Kerry hasnt been around since.  He is now totally out of the picture because of Swizz.

I am very close to another person on the tour that has been cool with Keys for years.  This person has told me how disgusted Keys’ mother is with the whole affair and how this person has overheard Keys on the phone saying “I cant go on like this, it’s ruining my name….People have to believe there is a divorce in play.” Of course she was talking to Swizz .

And about Swizzy and Alicia’s boo’d up status while in Paris a few weeks ago:
I saw Keys and Swizz on a tour at the Eiffel Tower in Paris they were acting like lovers. He had no reason to be there and he is not a part of her show. He has a huge tattoo of Mashonda’s name on his wrist.  Keys is fully aware of Mashonda being his wife.  I heard that they have actually been creeping for months since last year. She was livid with Swizz after he threw Mashonda a birthday party back in Jan . Since then hes been around Keys a whole lot more.  I just know that she is pressuring this man to leave his family so that she doesn’t have to sneak around and be called a homewrecker anymore.

I’m sure a “statement” may be released saying Swizz was never there.  The usual cover up.  *side eye* What’s sad about this, I’m told, is that Kerry was also married with a child before he got involved with Alicia…and of course she’s been accused of having interfered with him and his wife as well several years ago.  Damn!  And apparently, Alicia does not allow anyone on her team to carry cameras/take pics of her while on the road.  And now we know why.  I cross checked the places visited and names (omitted for privacy purposes) mentioned in our conversation that were connected to Alicia and Swizzy’s stay in France, and it all checks out.  So take it how you wanna.  Say it ain’t so Alicia…say it ain’t so!

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Obama and family on cover of Essence Magazine

Obama and family on cover of Essence Magazine

The Obamas are covering the September 2008 issue of Essence magazine. In the issue the Obamas talk about family life,among other topics. Michelle Obama says this about her family’s relationship to its neighborhood on the south side of Chicago: “For all of this wonderful madness that comes along with our lives — the Secret Service, the cars — there are kids on Forty-seventh and King Drive who can walk two blocks and be that close for the first time to somebody who can be the president of the United States. I love that.”

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50 Cent and Son

50 Cent and Son

Rapper 50 Cent got a chance to spend quality time with his only child Marquise Jackson this past weekend.Up until Sunday(August 3rd),50 Cent hadn’t seen his son since the ending of May,when the home that his son and his ex-girlfriend lived in was engulfed in a suspicious fire. 50 cent will be spending the rest of the week with his son at his home in Connecticut,up until he has to leave the country to film a movie. The custody battle for 11-year-old Marquise will resume in September.

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Ty McGracy Mcgrady and kids on July 19th-Click to Enlarge

Ty McGracy Mcgrady and kids on July 19th-Click to Enlarge

Houston Rockets NBA player Tracy McGrady must pay $54,156 a year in child support payments for a daughter he fathered when he was in a committed relationship with his present wife. The amount is far less than the $204,000/year that a Bradentown woman named Pearl Vega thought would be more appropriate with McGrady’s $21.6 million salary. Pearl Vega argued to a judge back in December 2007 that she would like her daughter to have a lifestyle equal to McGrady’s other children with his wife Clarenda. Pearl says that her daughter(b. November 2005) deserves a lifestyle of tutors,private schooling,Private jets, and expensive clothes,saying that McGrady  at one time spent $45,000 per month on personal travel alone. Judge Donna Berlin,however, recently ruled that Vega just wants to enhance her own lifestyle stating that “It is inappropriate for Ms. Vega to use child support as a means to further her education when she chooses to attend college as a full-time student and expect Mr. McGrady to pay for tuition, a full-time nanny and other domestic help.”

McGrady is still married to his wife Clarenda Harris.McGrady and his wife were together eight years before marrying in 2006. The couple share a six-bedroom, 23,000-square-foot house with their children daughter Layla Clarice(born Jan 25, 2003) and a son Laymen Lamar, (born December 27, 2005).

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Filmmaker Guy Richie is overwhelmed with the love he feels for his adopted son David Banda:”Fatherhood is unbelievable. It has taken over my life.”But something else surprised me – how much you can love an adopted child, the same as you can love a biological child. I didn’t anticipate that.”

Guy Richie and his wife,singer Madonna, adopted David Banda,2 1/2, in 2006 from Malawi in Southeastern,Africa. The adoption was a highly publicized event because Malawian law requires would-be parents to reside in Malawia for one year before adopting.(wikipedia)After 20 months of waiting for the adoption to be approved,Guy and his wife Madonna were given the go-ahead to adopt little David Banda earlier this year. Banda now has a sister named Lourdes,Madonna’s first child from a previous relationship,and a brother named Rocco,11, Madonna’s second child with Guy Richie.

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